Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SIDEBAR: Super Tuesday

I know this doesn't necessarily have to do directly with class, but I thought I'd compile some links of sites that are covering the primaries today. Feel free to browse through the links and leave any thoughts you have on today's primaries.

ABC Super Tuesday Coverage
Electoral Vote
CBS News Super Tuesday Coverage

Check out some past election commercials:
The Living Room Candidate


Coleslaw said...

I am not really one to speak, this is because i am not a political man yet. However it completely angers men when I look at this topic and I hear people talking saying i want obama, i want clinton, when they are just taking their background views and their parents views. I believe that if you are willing to make an opinionated statement, you must have your own opinion not an altered version of someone elses. Thats why if i was to post something about the candidates i would be going against my opinion, however I am just saying my point. As sportcenter said, it is not hillary or Obama who is having a super tuesday, it is the giants defensive coord. So keep that in mind. However i I have no opinion on this subject but believe people should get one before commenting.

Juan said...

We as a party need to pick a candidate because Mcain has the G.O.P. on lock down almost. Everybody is starting to line up behind him. we have to pick a delegate and fast. United we can win turn the country around undo the damage of the Bush years, but divided we will fail. I'm not saying it would be terrible to have Mcain it would just be nice to have a streamlined relationship between the legislative and executive body.

Juan said...

But there would be the bonus of the look on Limbaugh's face!

Juan and fed up with Hilldog said...

And mccain prevails through the fog of the hysterical right. what a suprise (sarcastic sigh)